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Maybe in a Moment Opens Thursday!

April 20th, 2011

Ahhh! We. Open. Tomorrow!

I am currently serving as an Artist in Residence for Threshold’s Theatre Arts Project. Threshold’s is a rehabilitation and social center for Chicago’s mentally ill population. The show is a collaboration between Threshold members and professional artists in Chicago. It gets deep, it gets funny, it has been a roller coaster. I’m sure I’ll talk me about it more after I’ve “processed” it, but for now please come see this labor of love and hold on tight! The sign for “stars” is pretty awesome.

Thresholds Theatre Arts Program in collaboration with Trilogy Presents Maybe in a moment 

Thurs April 21, 7pm, ASL Interpreted by Gail Bedessem and Sheila Kettering
Fri April 22, 7pm
Sat April 23, 7pm

Thurs April 28, 7pm (meet and greet to follow)
Fri April 29, 8pm Woodstock Opera House, Woodstock IL, ASL Interpreted by Sheila Kettering and Liz Bartlow-Breslin
Sat April 30, 7pm
Sun May 1, 3pm, ASL Interpreted by Liz Bartlow-Breslin and Jessica Parks

Thurs May 5, 7pm
Fri May 6, 7pm
Sat May 7, 7pm, ASL Interpreted by Diana Thorpe and Kaylee Margo
Sun May 8, 3pm

For Ticket Information: 773-296-6024,
BOX Office Hours: tues, wed, fri 11am-2pm, 1 hour prior to showtime



Model Neuron Cookies

April 20th, 2011

For extra credit in my Human Brain class we got to make model neurons! Sugar cookie soma, Chocolate covered sunflower seed assorted organelles, jelly bean mitochondria, malted milk ball nuclues, with Red Vine axons and dendrites. While these may not have been a culinary tour de force, I think they have character.

model neurons

Welcome to PopNeurology!

April 9th, 2011


I know I am not a neurologist … yet. I got a BFA in theatre, wait don’t leave! And THEN a couple of years ago I became super interested in Neuroplasticity from reading “The Brain That Changes Itself”.  At the same time my nephew was diagnosed with Landau Kleffner Syndrome, a rare childhood brain disorder involving epilepsy and aphasia.

That all led to a deeper fascination with brains, brain science, the show House, etc. I read a lot of books, listened to some podcasts, wrote a solo show, worked at a brain games store and tried to crash an AAN conference. When talking about it with friends I would jokingly say I’m really into Pop-Neurology (like Pop-Psychology) its just so hot right now, right? I started to look into some schools but because I’m not sure that going back to school is the right option for me monetarily (cough. blink). I decided to create my own life curriculum, that’s not lazy right? That’s curiosity! And fear of student loans. So that’s what this site is, a place for me to compile what I’m learning. To ponder and wax philly on the truly hopeful, huge, exciting, and ever burgeoning field of neuroscience.



Hubel & Weisel LOLcats

April 9th, 2011

I has akshun purrtenshul

Dr Temple Temple: A Character Piece

April 9th, 2011

An amalgamation of Temple Grandin and Shirley Temple for your comedy holes.



TMS – Changing Minds with Magnets

April 9th, 2011

Acupuncture has a friend in energy shifting procedures with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

Brain doctors across the globe, are focusing powerful brain magnets to titillate the old thinker. Good doctors are getting closer to learning what consciousness is, where it lives, what its telephone number is, and how it likes its tea. Even better doctors are learning how to turn that into a dollar with purely cosmetic operations.

Custom stimulations range from the student-friendly: zapping verbal regions to dim word skills leaving your mind open for learning more math skills and ace-ing that exam, to the corporate conglomerate themed: precision magna-noodling the emotion center, making a person immune to any feelings of regret, greed or accountability.

Also available is the sure to be popular procedure KittehFace, an operation where the fusiform gyrus is pulsed to oblivion and rewired so the patient can only see kitten faces.

Rumor has it home TMS  kits will be released next year that include your own magnetic stimulator, head stabilizer, and novelty “stress ball” brains.