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Cuttlefish, a Ditty, and a Doodle

June 26th, 2014

This is a short video that my fiancé took at Disneyworld of some cuttlefish.
Yes, it was at Disney. Yes, they were raised in captivity since they were eggs. But they are still amazing. AMAZING! I recorded a little saw ditty to accompany the video, not as amazing but I’m trying to just do, y’know.

And here’s another Octo-Doodle, print out and draw in your own face! Or keep it creepy.

No Face Big Mouth

No Face Big Mouth

Coursera Class and a Musical Shout Out

June 16th, 2014

I just wanted to quickly update and say that I have finished my first Coursera course. Hooray! It was called The Brain and Space and I highly recommend it if you’d like to learn more about how our brains take cues from our bodies and then use that information. The professor was engaging, clear, and even plays the banjo. My musical saw playing self felt a kindred spirit. Maybe there’s a new sub genre in there, Neuro Folk. I’d be down.  Since I’m talking about it, you can hear some of my saw playing with my band, Eileen. We are a murder ballad folk duo. I guess I like sub genres.


photo credit: Logan Futej