About Pop Neurology

Hello! I know I am not a neurologist … yet. I got a BFA in theatre, wait don’t leave! And THEN a couple of years ago I became super interested in Neuroplasticity from reading “The Brain That Changes Itself”.  At the same time my nephew was diagnosed with Landau Kleffner Syndrome, a rare childhood brain disorder involving epilepsy and aphasia. That all led to a deeper fascination with brains, brain science, the show House, etc. I read a lot of books, listened to some podcasts, wrote a solo show, worked at a brain games store and tried to crash an AAN conference. When talking about it with friends I would jokingly say I’m really into Pop-Neurology (like Pop-Psychology) its just so hot right now, right? I started to look into some schools but because I’m not sure that going back to school is the right option for me monetarily (cough. blink). I decided to create my own life curriculum, that’s not lazy right? That’s curiosity! And fear of student loans. So that’s what this site is, a place for me to compile what I’m learning. To ponder and wax philly on the truly hopeful, huge, exciting, and ever burgeoning field of neuroscience.