TMS – Changing Minds with Magnets

Acupuncture has a friend in energy shifting procedures with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

Brain doctors across the globe, are focusing powerful brain magnets to titillate the old thinker. Good doctors are getting closer to learning what consciousness is, where it lives, what its telephone number is, and how it likes its tea. Even better doctors are learning how to turn that into a dollar with purely cosmetic operations.

Custom stimulations range from the student-friendly: zapping verbal regions to dim word skills leaving your mind open for learning more math skills and ace-ing that exam, to the corporate conglomerate themed: precision magna-noodling the emotion center, making a person immune to any feelings of regret, greed or accountability.

Also available is the sure to be popular procedure KittehFace, an operation where the fusiform gyrus is pulsed to oblivion and rewired so the patient can only see kitten faces.

Rumor has it home TMS  kits will be released next year that include your own magnetic stimulator, head stabilizer, and novelty “stress ball” brains.

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